Art Workshops

The project includes two art workshops, activated through the school-work interchange plans.

The ceramics workshop, which was attended by twenty students enrolled in the San Leucio Art High school and the Buonarroti technical institute and five disabled children of the Federico Ozanam social cooperative, led to the creation of highly valuable artefacts.

Soup tureens and fonts created in accordance with the tradition of the Royal Factory of majolica founded by Carlo di Borbone, which was once based in Caserta, with the depiction of the styles of ceramics and objects of the time. The students were guided by the expert professor Michele Cicala, assisted by the laboratory collaborator maestro Carmine Posillipo.

The tailoring workshop led to the conception and realization of two historical costumes from the Borbone eighteenth century. The boys were able to benefit from the experience of the Roman costume designer, Professor Rosa Grassia, assisted by the teacher of Scenography and Costume of the school, Professor Angela Tartaro.

The coordinator of the alternating school work plans of the Liceo San Leucio (San Leucio High School), directed by the principal Antonio Fusco, is Professor Angela Capasso.